Réka Rajnai, IFBB Bikini World Cup winner

Réka Rajnai, Health Ambassador of BioTechUSA

Réka Rajnai traint regelmatig met E-Fit

“I started training with E-Fit around two years ago. I found it such an amazing and effective training method, so I decided to buy my own machine and to open a studio. It helped me a lot by my preparation for the fitness model competitions and helped me to achieve all the success. Even tho I don’t compete anymore – I became a Health Ambassador – but i still use electro fitness in a regular basis.”

Initially, I got to know EMS technology-based training as a customer and was very convinced by the change that I experienced with myself. I chose the E-Fit device as with many of its programmes the impulses can be adjusted to the customer’s musculature, making the impulse feel much more pleasant (many customers complain that other EMS machines prick or actually hurt their skin), helps with weight loss and body shape, which can be measured in centimetres, as opposed to other EMS devices which only build muscle mass. It caused the back pain of my older customers to disappear after a few sessions and is an ideal tool for prevention regardless of age/gender. I also use the device twice a week and still feel stiff after every session; development is continuous.

Reka Rajnai 1